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(note: this is an interview of Mehdi alone)

Analog or Digital?

A mix of the two, with a digital predominance. Got a Fostex R8 lying around that we should use more often…

What time did you wake up today?

Like every other day: at 4:50 am

Last thing you read?

Laura Kasischke’s “Boy Heaven”, a good frightening story; a Lester Bangs Biography; some parts of a book called “The Antipodes of the Mind” by Benny Shannon, a cognitive study of the type of vision you get under Ayahuasca, the Amazonian psychotropic brew; a comic book by Alison Bedchel called “Fun Home”… also reading again “A prayer for the dying” by Stewart O’Nan…

Whats your first memory?

Got several ones… I can’t put them in order: I remember seeing myself in a mirror being bathed (in a red plastic little bath) by my mother; being crept out by a dummy dressed in a blue workman suite at the front of a shop then dreaming that this artificial dude came to where I lived and kidnapped me in my baby bed; the very first movie I’ve seen, Pinocchio, I was one year old, I remember only parts of the movie (the nightmarish episode where bad Childs are changed into donkeys on an island (??!), not sure about the island, I‘ve never watched it again since…) and the translucent stars on the ceiling of the theatre…

Tea Or Coffee?


Last thing you cooked?

A chili, I guess, or some oat/soja milk pancakes… never throw myself in complicated recipes, anyway…

If you’re reborn who or what would you like to be?

With the full conscience of what I was before as a human being? It could not function with animals or stones or trees I think: a human sense of his own body would be displaced in an animal or tree form… It could not function with another human, neither: I guess you can’t inhabit the body of someone else, cause you are your body, if you’re in the body of someone else, you are not yourself anymore. The only way to be reborn is as exactly the same, but you’ve got to wait that all the factors (psychological, historical, sociological, physiological etc…) that makes you what you were happen again so yeah, you’ll be reborn. Don’t know if I make sense here… But ok, if I can be reborn into the form I want, if there’s such things as soul(s) travelling from one form to another that keeps the imprint of past lives, I ‘d like to be reborn as a girl, or an animal such as a whale or a giant wolf, or any form-shifter being!

What inspires you?

Places, people, art, movies especially…

Last record you played?

Cotton Eyed Joe by Karen Dalton

Favorite piece of musical equipment?

Kramer DMZ 2000, Akai Headrush and/or Boss DD-20, e-bow… I like tambourines too, voice… damn, I can’t make up my mind!

Last movie you saw?

George Romero’s Diary of the dead, I really liked it!

Who do you love?


Do you have any pets?

Yeah, a cat named Inuk. But regarding the personality of His Majesty, I am probably the pet of Inuk.

Are you useful?

I guess there are situations where I can be totally of use and others, well, I ‘d better not be around…

Biggest fear?

Losing my hands

What do you value the most?

Love, trust, dedication, solitude, rebellion, this wild part in anyone that is uncontrollable…

Famous last words?

Moose… Indian (Henry David Thoreau)